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What is the meaning of induct in Hindi?

Meaning of induct in Hindi is : रखा जाना

Definition of word induct

  • to formally or ceremoniously install in an office, position, et cetera. (verb)

Examples of word induct

  • The biggest scandal in baseball at the moment is the Baseball Hall of Fame's failure -- for the fourth time -- to induct Marvin Miller, who freed players from indentured servitude.
  • If your goals are defined in terms of a collaborative task outcome (as in football) then everyone brings to the task their particualr skills, and it is in the interests of those with many skills to induct those with fewer.
  • Renschler said Daimler has no plan to induct an Indian equity partner in its wholly owned unit, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt.
  • A couple of pages later, he is discussing whether to induct Nowitzki into the “42 Club,” which is named for a strange (but helpful) statistical formula that Simmons himself has created.
  • Tyler's apparent change of mind makes me want to start a Spence Club for believers in the signaling model of education (analogous to Mankiw's Pigou Club) and induct Tyler - or at least his Inner Economist - as the second member.
  • Schilling announced his retirement this spring, and as the Hall of Fame prepares to induct its newest class, many observers are already looking ahead to 2013, when both he and Clemens will be on the ballot for the first time.
  • I got to induct Frank R. Paul into the Hall of Fame last year, and it was a thrilling, incredible experience.
  • Video evidence of the event shows Keith looking sick to his stomach and cackling like a hyena at the absurdity of his mission, and doing it right in the heavily-bearded faces of the band he was to induct into this laughing stock of an embalming center.
  • India wants to acquire the fighter jets to modernize its ageing fleet of MiG-21s--dating back to the 1960s--as Pakistan and China induct new planes.