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What is the meaning of industry in Hindi?

Meaning of industry in Hindi is : श्रम शिल्प

Definition of word industry

  • The tendency to work persistently. (noun)
  • Businesses of the same type, considered as a whole. (noun)
  • Businesses that produce goods as opposed to services. (noun)
  • The sector of the economy consisting of large-scale enterprises. (noun)

Examples of word industry

  • They all sink into the lowest class of religions mendicants, or retainers; or live among their friends as drones upon the land; while the manufacturing, trading, and commercial industry that provided them with the comforts, conveniences, and elegancies of life while they were in a higher grade of service is in its turn thrown out of employment; and the whole frame of society becomes, for a time, deranged by the local diminution in the demand _for the services of men and the produce of their industry_.
  • The very word industry comes from the Middle English word industrie, or skill, and from the Latin industria, or diligence.
  • The very word "industry" comes from the Middle English word "industrie", or skill, and from the Latin "industria", or diligence.
  • Given natural resources, the other great factor in industry is labour.
  • The Canaries are great, but their main industry is package holidays, their economy is based on it.


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