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What is the meaning of inebriate in Hindi?

Meaning of inebriate in Hindi is : शराबी

Definition of word inebriate

  • A person who is intoxicated, especially one who is habitually drunk. (noun)
  • To cause to be drunk. (verb)

Examples of word inebriate

  • Like the sparkle of the red wine to the inebriate are the seductive influences of the ballroom.
  • Bones evade her as he did us at such moments, or would he save our reputation, and consent, for the moment, to accept her as a new kind of inebriate?
  • But Roger felt far otherwise; and this sudden qualm of conscience once quelled (I will say there seemed much of palliation in the matter), a kind of inebriate feeling of delight filled his mind, and Steady Acton plodded on to the meadow yonder, half a mile a-head, in a species of delirious complacency.
  • Until my recent trip to Anchorage, Alaska, I had never heard the term "Chronic Public Inebriate," yet in Alaska the word "inebriate" is spoken everywhere.
  • Yet in Alaska the word "inebriate" is spoken everywhere.


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