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What is the meaning of ineffective in Hindi?

Meaning of ineffective in Hindi is : बेफायदा

Definition of word ineffective

  • not having the desired effect; ineffectual (adjective)
  • lacking in ability; incompetent or inadequate (adjective)

Examples of word ineffective

    • And because those weapons are so ineffective, we’ll use your neighbourhood as a testing ground…..ineffective as they are, you’ll probably survive…….
    • In 2008, Navarro joined with other former FBI and CIA interrogators to denounce the use of waterboarding and other so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques,” which they called ineffective, counterproductive and unethical.
    • But what we get from our government sometimes is what I call ineffective authoritarianism.
    • The First Merchant Bank of Zimbabwe, in its latest quarterly guide to the economy, cited the high domestic and foreign debt and what it called the ineffective use of the borrowed money and the haemorrhage of funds needed to service the debt as a particularly critical area of concern.
    • It said a clearer approach among Primary Care Trusts PCTs to what it called "ineffective or inefficient treatments" would ensure more consistency across the country.


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