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What is the meaning of ineffectuality in Hindi?

Meaning of ineffectuality in Hindi is :

Definition of word ineffectuality

  • The state or condition of being ineffectual. (noun)

Examples of word ineffectuality

  • I can just envision the future debate when that ineffectuality becomes more glaringly apparent: "We'll have to authorize an additional $23 Billion to add barbed wire to the top of the fence [or any other favorite fence enhancement], because folks are climbing over [or tunneling under, or going around, da, da, da] it!"
  • Perry painted the state an even brighter red, in part, because his democratic opponent, former Houston Mayor Bill White, suffered from the heartbreak of ineffectuality.
  • Republican Administrations have been elected to enact the dramas of ego, vanity, paranoia, bravado, resentment, and one more grand rummage through historical baggage when the material and managerial condition of the country was good enough to survive the sustained period of incompetence, ineffectuality, abuse, raging, and waste that entails.
  • She, Nelson and other "moderates" are compromising this bill into ineffectuality.
  • And the image of Democratic ineffectuality could be replaced by the lack of positive solutions coming from the right.


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