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What is the meaning of ineffectualness in Hindi?

Meaning of ineffectualness in Hindi is : विफलता

Definition of word ineffectualness

  • inefficacy (noun)

Examples of word ineffectualness

  • Imagination, "rebellion against fact," spirituality, a tendency to dream, unworldliness, the passionate love of beauty and charm, "ineffectualness" in the practical competitive life -- these, according to Matthew Arnold, when he came to lecture at
  • "ineffectualness" in common life, fell rather to my father's share than my uncle's; though my uncle's "worldliness," of which he was sometimes accused, if it ever existed, was never more than skin-deep.
  • Pretend cockiness is just another symptom of the ineffectualness of a man whose name the newspapers get wrong and whose advances the opposite sex finds all too easy to resist.
  • It is most often to impute naivete and ineffectualness, i.e. the term is used to infantilize its target.
  • What appears to me to be pathetic ineffectualness and indifference by the Indian government seems like a wise, sober, calculated response to Matt.


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