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What is the meaning of inefficacious in Hindi?

Meaning of inefficacious in Hindi is : प्रभावशून्य

Definition of word inefficacious

  • Incapable of having the intended consequence. (adjective)
  • Not effective. (adjective)

Examples of word inefficacious

  • The sword is the braver way, although all ways are equally inefficacious.
  • And if experience showed the inefficacy of bills of rights, it also showed they were “rarely inefficacious” and better than nothing.
  • Even an executive customer service rep pledge to resolve the situation was inefficacious.
  • High-flying oratory proved utterly inefficacious in winning any major foreign-policy result he set himself to bring home in triumph.
  • Going to school can appear to be a waste of time and inefficacious.


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