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What is the meaning of inelaborate in Hindi?

Meaning of inelaborate in Hindi is :

Definition of word inelaborate

  • Not elaborate; crude; unfinished. (adjective)

Examples of word inelaborate

  • In the account of Cain, which immediately succeeds, the narrative is inelaborate, casual, secondary; the dialogue is simple and touching.
  • It is rather fully developed before the second subject enters; this, on the other hand, is hardly insinuated in its relative major before the rather inelaborate elaboration begins.
  • The suite has an inelaborate prelude, which begins strongly and ends gracefully, showing unusual handling throughout.
  • While the inelaborate appetizers were being served, and each one was ordering the meal, everybody, save Simanovsky, felt ill at ease and somehow constrained.
  • The ancient Jlatues of Venua and Minerva, which exceed - ed, in beauty of exad proportion, any living bodiei, the work of triifnoiart; i.e. of haAy, (inelaborate nature.


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