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What is the meaning of inertia in Hindi?

Meaning of inertia in Hindi is : निष्क्रियता

Definition of word inertia

  • The property of a body that resists any change to its uniform motion; equivalent to its mass. (noun)

Examples of word inertia

  • Posted September 21, 2004 2: 02 PM beingtrue writes: the inertia is the main reason for the failure of ideas. any reform will make someone lose temperarily.
  • Instead, he had to give some ground, admit that he's not going to meet this August deadline he's been demanding to combat what he calls inertia back in Washington.
  • Chubin uses the word "inertia" to describe the steady progress of Iran's nuclear program.
  • But now it appears we have a return of the "old" Jerry Angelo -- the man who defines the word inertia.
  • What I found depressing about the fan-shop was that it represented a cultural reinforcement ( "inertia" is too passive a term) of bad game cliches.
  • Moreover, if birth rates were the whole story, then evangelical growth should have been visible between successive birth cohorts, not within them, but that is also not the case.37 Finally, the long-term inertia of demographic arithmetic should have continued to push up the evangelical share of the population for at least several decades more, even after the evangelical birth rate converged to the nonevangelical birth rate.
  • Ego, in this context, is defined as inertia -- an anti-evolutionary posture of narcissism and self-concern that is based upon the conviction, conscious or unconscious, that something fundamental is terribly, terribly wrong.
  • I feel very strongly that RTD could still pull a pony out of his sack for the Rose/Ten fans ... but inertia is already dragging that show down.
  • There is a certain inertia to poulation growth — mathematically described by Nathan Keyfitz — that means we cannot escape the short and intermediate term consequences of our demographic destinies even if vital rates were to improbably shift rapidly and in ways to offset current trends.