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What is the meaning of inexistent in Hindi?

Meaning of inexistent in Hindi is :

Definition of word inexistent

  • Nonexistent. (adjective)

Examples of word inexistent

  • Just come to Portugal in summer between June and September and eat those "inexistent" Sardines... you will never forget it!
  • And that was absolutely true for Albania, because the mandrell capacity of the public sector was almost inexistent.
  • We are not far from a rupturist episode between an inexistent civil society and a political elite unable and unwilling to move forward.
  • At the geopolitical level, the disagreement is slight or nearly inexistent, in view of the highly developed relationship between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the North Atlantic Alliance NATO in terms of shaping a new regional order.
  • The study predicted that, by 2022, the country would still require $7.2 billion in foreign aid a year—and that assumes an upsurge of so-far inexistent mining-industry revenue and no dramatic deterioration of security.


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