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What is the meaning of inexpediency in Hindi?

Meaning of inexpediency in Hindi is :

Definition of word inexpediency

  • The condition of being inexpedient (noun)
  • An inexpedient action or statement (noun)

Examples of word inexpediency

  • Realizing the inexpediency of discussing the matter, I went forward myself, overran the line, and let the anchor go.
  • Though the old transgressors came no more, new ones arrived every day, and I found myself confronted with the titanic task of educating a whole cityful to the inexpediency of raiding my poppy field.
  • The inexpediency of an irredeemable paper currency: Being an abridgement of the chapters from the "Principles of political economy," on money and credit ... and social science for the people.
  • A brief exposition of the British foreign policy towards Holland, considered with regard both to its injustice and inexpediency, in reply to the recent (uncalled for) "Justification." by T.O. S
  • And hence all social inequalities which have ceased to be considered expedient, assume the character not of simple inexpediency, but of injustice.


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