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What is the meaning of inflect in Hindi?

Meaning of inflect in Hindi is : सुर बदलना

Definition of word inflect

  • To cause to curve inwards. (verb)
  • To change the tone or pitch of the voice when speaking or singing. (verb)
  • To vary the form of a word to express tense, gender, number, mood, etc. (verb)

Examples of word inflect

  • Just be careful how you inflect the acronym of that organization.
  • They often use primitive weapons rocks, blunt objects and machetes to conserve their limited munitions and inflect maximum brutality.
  • "If I could inflect pain, I inflicted it to the max," Gore declared, describing how he had scalped several victims to satisfy a hair fetish.
  • With a title like Colonel Blimp, it's assumed the film is concerned solely with matters of men and war, but it's frequently Kerr's performances that inflect it with layers of emotion and romance.
  • We never forget we are in a single small town, thinking our way through the particular names, histories and legends that inflect its thought.


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