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What is the meaning of influential in Hindi?

Meaning of influential in Hindi is : रोब दाब वाला

Definition of word influential

  • Having or exerting influence. (adjective)
  • A person who has influence (noun)

Examples of word influential

    • Told you Ayn Rand had changed my political views forever - now that's what I call influential writing :
    • Given the number of last-ditch Zionists that President Obama has surrounded himself with, Rahm Immanuel being the most influential, is it any wonder that Obama would appoint someone like Ross to be “special adviser” on Iran.
    • Despotic governments conduct campaigns to win influential seats while developing nations turn a blind eye to their human rights violating colleagues in order to win assembly votes.
    • For now, Mr. Perry is calling influential Iowa Republicans in an attempt to seed support for his official entry into the race.
    • But if, by cosmic coincidence, it turns out to be truly influential, is there a single person here who thinks that it will be used for anything but a justification for the seizure of power by those that Bryan would find utterly reprehensible?