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What is the meaning of ingest in Hindi?

Meaning of ingest in Hindi is : खिलाना

Definition of word ingest

  • To take into the body, as for digestion. (verb)

Examples of word ingest

  • Tearing apart dead animals for the spawn to ingest is a popular tradition during the holidays.
  • Let me try to put this as delicately as I can out of respect to my female readers ... but some women have been known to willingly "ingest" a certain dubious "body fluid" made by men, during moments of
  • These robots, written in Ruby perform the sub-processes that make up SDR 2.0 modules such as ingest and retrieval.
  • It may be possible that you are now so sensitive to the energy of suffering that you can literally no longer "ingest" it.
  • When tumor cells "ingest" the nanoparticles through the cell membrane, the particles release the inhibitor.


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