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What is the meaning of ingrate in Hindi?

Meaning of ingrate in Hindi is : कृतध्न

Definition of word ingrate

  • Ungrateful. (adjective)
  • Unpleasant, unfriendly (adjective)
  • An ungrateful person. (noun)

Examples of word ingrate

  • Maybe the reason she sounds like such an ingrate is because she didn’t have to work that hard to get the part of Bella.
  • "If you mean I am an ingrate, that is an unpleasant word, Aunt Mary."
  • Now, pure, innocent, SK, who would never be described as a ingrate (نذاة) or a liar, has made it her duty to escalate the issue.
  • Gervais also read out a list of once-troubled actor Robert Downey, Jr.'s drug problems and rehab stints, made fun of 'The Tourist,' teased Charlie Sheen, called out Mel Gibson for anti-semitism and called Steve Carrell -- who took on Gervais' role in the American version of Gervais' British show, 'The Office' -- an "ingrate" for deciding to leave the show.
  • Which sort of sounds to me like a cross between "ingrate" and "getta loada this".


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