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What is the meaning of ingratiating in Hindi?

Meaning of ingratiating in Hindi is :

Definition of word ingratiating

  • Which ingratiates; which attempts to bring oneself into the favour of another. The implication is often of flattery or insincerity. (adjective)
  • Present participle of ingratiate. (verb)

Examples of word ingratiating

    • My fellow citizens is an apostrophe, a formal address to an audience, whose distance has been shortened by the insertion of the ad hominem term fellow—that is, an ingratiating suggestion to his audience that they start out on his side.
    • It was this that had suggested to him the idea of ingratiating himself with the men who were in power, and thus gain their friendship, their influences and protection.
    • From what I have heard and saw today on the magazine, many people were turned off by the "loser's" ingratiating "Who Me" attitude every week.
    • You know, it wasn't probably the best line in kind of ingratiating yourself with New Hampshire voters.
    • RUSH: Yes, I think it stunned a lot of people, although the members of this group, which migrated to Israel at the end of the '60s led by a Chicago bus driver, they had been kind of ingratiating themselves with Whitney and Bobby for some time and one of them spoke at the recent funeral of her father.


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