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What is the meaning of ingredient in Hindi?

Meaning of ingredient in Hindi is : स‌ंयोगांग

Definition of word ingredient

  • One of the substances present in a mixture. (noun)

Examples of word ingredient

  • Vorbeck Materials Corp., of Jessup, Md., makes a conductive ink for printed electronics whose main ingredient is graphene.
  • SAN FRANCISCO — A California proposal to outlaw the title ingredient in shark fin soup, a traditional Chinese delicacy, has turned into a recipe for controversy in San Francisco, a city that is nearly one-third Asian and home to the nation's oldest Chinatown.
  • When you make lip balm or home made lipsticks, a main ingredient is wax (typically beeswax).
  • The main ingredient is chamomile, which is a relaxant/sleep aid.
  • I do know the main ingredient is commonly used in vet medications.


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