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What is the meaning of inhumane in Hindi?

Meaning of inhumane in Hindi is : निर्दय

Definition of word inhumane

  • cruel and savage, not humane (adjective)

Examples of word inhumane

  • And the illegal alien lobby says the federal government is using what it calls inhumane facilities to detain illegal aliens, even though those facilities are equipped with computers, video games and toys.
  • Choe said she decided to defect to protest what she called inhumane treatment by top embassy officials.
  • LOS ANGELES Reuters - Thousands of inmates in up to eight California prisons have taken part in a 9-day-old hunger strike, demanding an end to what they call inhumane conditions, prison officials and an inmate advocacy group said on Tuesday.
  • A tall, tan former hog farmer named Art Norris decried what he described as the inhumane treatment of animals raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), the staggering amount of feces created by hogs and the number of plants already discharging into the Rock
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have engaged in a long-running protest over what they call inhumane treatment of chickens by Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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