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What is the meaning of injudicious in Hindi?

Meaning of injudicious in Hindi is : विवेकहीन

Definition of word injudicious

  • Showing poor judgement; not well judged. (adjective)

Examples of word injudicious

  • We admit that the motives of those who conduct public promiscuous developing circles are good in most cases, but their methods are frequently 'injudicious' -- to put it mildly.
  • Claiming that this was a brave moral act and contrasting himself with Mrs. Clinton's "injudicious" vote as a senator to authorize the war strains credibility and echoes the dishonesty of his "I didn't hear it in the pew" excuse.
  • Randy Hamud represented Awadallah in the courtroom, in that hearing in October 2001, and he was taken aback by the "injudicious" conduct of Judge Mukasey.
  • Those who suppose that it is wiser to gloss over this or that, and who consider it "injudicious" to announce the whole truth in connection with Christianity, should have learnt by this time that no admission which can by any possibility be required of them can be so perilous to the cause of
  • Second biggest cause of fatal accidents, to blame for 31 per cent, is the "injudicious action", an umbrella term for "travelled too fast for the conditions' (15.9 per cent of those labelled injudicious), "exceeded speed limit" (13.9 per cent) or "disobeyed give-way or stop sign" (2.1 per cent)?


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