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What is the meaning of injure in Hindi?

Meaning of injure in Hindi is : हानि पहुंचाना

Definition of word injure

  • To wound or cause physical harm to a living creature. (verb)
  • To damage or impair. (verb)
  • To do injustice to. (verb)

Examples of word injure

  • Anyone out to injure is probably going to know enough to make those things all stabby anyway.
  • That may actually in the long term injure more people then the Toyota that speed ahead.
  • And high levels of cortisol over the long term injure the hippocampus, leading to impaired memory,5 dementia, and depression.6 Sonia Lupien from McGill University has also shown how stress shrinks the memory center and has damaging effects on our brain function and cognition.7;8
  • Washington specifically used the term "injure" -- no mention of severe mental or physical pain.
  • If I were Rustum Ghazalah, I would remove all sharp metal objects and weapons from my vicinity, lest I get the temptation to "injure" myself really badly.


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