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What is the meaning of innard in Hindi?

Meaning of innard in Hindi is : मशीन की आंत्रिक क्रिया

Definition of word innard

  • Eye dialect spelling of inward. (adverb)
  • Entrail; gut; intestine. (noun)

Examples of word innard

    • Dinner was that promiscous and experimental to-day, along o 'Richelieu's nat'ral foolin', that I think I could git outside of a little suthin 'now, if only to prop up a kind of innard sinkin' that takes me.
    • And now, people in H&M will think dubstep is a bit like tidied-up drum'n'bass, with no bass, and a random singer on top, rather than a vast, innard-rearranging expression of our own eternal loneliness in the face of the urban void (possibly).
    • Weeee, that flying fish innard hit Cotton right on the bonce.
    • I had neglected to take those little vials and bottles with their nether region innard scrapings to the lab.
    • I go with the lobster mutant colon valentine's day innard cake/roll.


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