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What is the meaning of innocent in Hindi?

Meaning of innocent in Hindi is : सीधा सादा

Definition of word innocent

  • Free from guilt, sin, or immorality. (adjective)
  • Bearing no legal responsibility for a wrongful act. (adjective)
  • Naive; artless. (adjective)
  • Harmless in intent. (adjective)
  • Having no knowledge (of something). (adjective)
  • Lacking (something). (adjective)
  • Those who are innocent; young children. (noun)

Examples of word innocent

  • Many innocent acts _occasion_ evil, and in such case all I am bound to ask myself before doing such _innocent act_, is, "Shall I occasion, on the whole, more harm or good."
  • This innocent rhetoric, from the realm of religious-ethical balderdash, appears _a good deal less innocent_ when one reflects upon the tendency that it conceals beneath sublime words: the tendency to _destroy life_.
  • This twisted notion that we would only observe our own laws, our own Constitution, our own Enlightenment Age ideals-if there was something in it for us, if we could somehow profit by it - appalls me. brought to mind something in a talk given by Sabine Willet (one of the attys for the Uighur and a commerical bankruptucy lawyer who felt compelled by the injustice to do something - while DOJ litigators felt compelled to lie to courts and continue to block habeas requests for men who their own files showed were innocent and had been abused and tortured bc of governmental policy that * no one leaves GITMO innocent*)
  • The phrase "innocent bystander" is ironic; in reality, bystanders are as guilty as perpetrators when it comes to perpetuating the patterns of violence in this country.
  • Sure, some innocent, and I use the term innocent loosely because it would be hard for a priest to be innocent in that environment of poverty, occassionly get shot unintensionly.


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