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What is the meaning of inoperative in Hindi?

Meaning of inoperative in Hindi is : प्रवर्तनहीन

Definition of word inoperative

  • not working or functioning; either idle or broken (adjective)
  • No longer legally binding (adjective)

Examples of word inoperative

    • “Dallas pays ACS [the camera provider] a guaranteed $3,799 per month for each operational camera, and just a fraction of that to maintain inoperative cameras.”
    • This aspect of aesthetic community is not the same as what another French philosopher, Jean-Luc Nancy, terms the "inoperative community," the longing for the original idea of community that was lost or broken in the transition to modernity, the dialectic of what sociologists term Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft.
    • I'm not sure why the creators of the site felt the need to sneer at attempts to revive the language "The good folk of Adelaide will not accept the learning of an ancient language as a substitute for English because of sentimental reasons"—or why the site renders my Back button inoperative, which is extremely annoying—but it's an interesting enough site I'm posting it anyway.
    • Long, however, before mesmerism was heard of, medical history attests examples in which patients who baffled the skill of the ablest physicians have fixed their fancies on some remedy that physicians would call inoperative for good or for harm, and have recovered by the remedies thus singularly self-suggested.
    • In the case Thursday, Sullenberger was forced to glide because both engines were inoperative, which is highly unusual.


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