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What is the meaning of insignificant in Hindi?

Meaning of insignificant in Hindi is : लघु

Definition of word insignificant

  • Not significant; not important, consequential, or having a noticeable effect. (adjective)

Examples of word insignificant

  • _insignificant_ persons; 'consequently, had it been any fault to do so, each alike was caught in that fault; and insignificant as the people might be, if they _could_ be' immortalized, 'then we have Schlosser himself confessing to the possibility that poetic splendor should create a secondary interest where originally there had been none.
  • For every basis point the market moves, Jefferies said it loses or gains $37,000, which it called insignificant.
  • If you're wondering who used the other ticket, Caetano says he took what he calls his insignificant other, because his wife is bedridden.
  • Ford is still bumming around the galaxy, but notes his article on a certain insignificant blue-green orb undergoing revision, and Marvin is still Marvin.
  • A 1792 compilation by several natural historians of insects includes comments such as the following: each insect, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is "adapted for procuring its particular pleasures" (2); indeed, every insect, like every creature, "was formed for itself, and each allowed to seize as great a quantity of happiness from the universal stock ... each was formed to make the happiness of each" (6).


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