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What is the meaning of insistent in Hindi?

Meaning of insistent in Hindi is : हठी

Definition of word insistent

  • Standing or resting on something. (adjective)
  • Urgent in dwelling upon anything; persistent in urging or maintaining. (adjective)
  • Extorting attention or notice; coercively staring or prominent; vivid; intense. (adjective)
  • Standing on end: specifically said of the hind toe of a bird when its base is inserted so high on the shank that only its tip touches the ground: correlated with incumbent. (adjective)

Examples of word insistent

  • But Baldovino stood in front of him, his expression insistent.
  • The hostile Cylon, who remain insistent on pressing the attack against the Colonials, have lost their most important strategic asset as a result.
  • Schiller: the aesthetic, in other words, is insistent from the beginning.
  • No guitars to hold it together, no massive keyboard riffs, just these thin insistent pulses with flurries of sound on the sides.
  • The BBC's response to this is that their requests to check the footage were not 'insistent' enough


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