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What is the meaning of insolent in Hindi?

Meaning of insolent in Hindi is : बदतमीज़

Definition of word insolent

  • Insulting in manner or words. (adjective)
  • Rude. (adjective)
  • Cheeky. (adjective)

Examples of word insolent

  • She called her insolent, and assurance; and said, Begone, bold woman as thou art! — but come hither.
  • "I wonder if you know how insolent is your tone, Belmanoir?" asked Fortescue steadily.
  • There was a certain insolent quality in her beauty, as if it flaunted itself somewhat too defiantly in the beholder's eye.
  • He had a manner of adoring the handsome, insolent queen of his affections (I will explain in a moment why I call her insolent); indeed, he looked up to her literally as well as sentimentally; for she was the least bit the taller of the two.
  • After this they conversed in a whisper too low for me to hear, but I could distinguish the word insolent as if meant to me; and finding I could have no chance of influencing his mind at this time, I retired to my chamber, waiting for the summons of the breakfast-bell, and have written thus far.


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