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What is the meaning of inspired in Hindi?

Meaning of inspired in Hindi is : विभोर

Definition of word inspired

  • Having excellence through inspiration. (adjective)
    प्रेरणा के माध्यम से उत्कृष्टता प्राप्त करना।
  • Simple past tense and past participle of inspire.. (verb)

Examples of word inspired

    • "The Prayer Book isn't inspired, I know," said an old coast-guardsman some years ago to a friend of mine, "but, sure and certain, _'tis as bad as inspired_!"
    • Throughout 2004, before thousands took to the streets in November and December to protest a stolen election, the phrase inspired a democratic youth organization, a website and a song.
    • The phrase "inspired by a true story" affixes itself to novels like a warning label: Beware sententious moralizing.
    • Reportedly, the title inspired Manson after watching
    • It availed nothing; he had fallen so low that his title inspired no respect, and when we left the inn they were still endeavoring to get their money and threatening him with a summary proceeding if the demand was not complied with.
    • John Madden's penchant for the term inspired a San Jose surf-rock band to call itself Smash Mouth.
    • "What my father and I came to realize was that the idea of professional acting training was never fully appreciated in Ireland," Ms. Ryan said over coffee this summer in the Grand Canal cultural quarter here, where the Lir a name inspired by a much-loved story from Irish folklore will be based, in a newly refurbished Trinity building that includes two theaters and rehearsal, design and dance studios.
    • Konfabulator Forums - http July 1995, The Chemical Brothers released their debut album Exit Planet Dust (the title inspired by their name change) on Freestyle Dust/Junior Boy#39s Own.