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What is the meaning of insubstantial in Hindi?

Meaning of insubstantial in Hindi is : मिथ्या

Definition of word insubstantial

  • Lacking substance; not real or strong. (adjective)

Examples of word insubstantial

  • Is it possible that the fashion industry, long patronized as a realm of the ephemeral and insubstantial, is the real bellwether for future ideas of “ownership” of creative content?
  • Both start with an idea, something insubstantial, that is transformed into an artifact that can influence the world and other people.
  • That just won't work, particularly when the Democrats aren't very good at battling the Republicans in close combat and the Republicans can make those who stay above the fray seem lightweight and insubstantial, which is what they've managed to do.
  • The goal for Honda should be to reclaim a place on Consumer Reports' "recommended" list - CR called the new Civic "cheap" and "insubstantial" - and to answer critics who have called the car a "betrayal," as Dan Neil did in The Wall Street Journal.
  • Cameron's documentary Aliens of the Deep was visually FANTASTIC if kind of insubstantial as a documentary, and yes, it was absolutely improved by 3D.


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