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What is the meaning of integer in Hindi?

Meaning of integer in Hindi is : पूर्णांक

Definition of word integer

Examples of word integer

  • [[User: SamHB | SamHB]] 22: 30, 20 August 2008 (EDT) {N, N+1/N | N extrm { is an integer} ge 2 } igcup_ {N extrm { is an integer} geq 2} (N, N+1/N)
  • 若该数据表要存放的数据不会超过 3 万笔,用 small integer 即可,不必用 integer。
  • You know, he talk about integrity, and nobody is going to say, well, how come you have integrity, which comes from the word integer, means oneness, and have spoken at Bob Jones University and the NAACP within three months time?
  • But since seconds go by pretty quickly, a signed 32-bit integer is only big enough to count about 70 years’ worth of seconds in either direction.
  • The Degree Confluence Project is an interesting initiative to take an organized sampling of the world by visiting and photographing each point of Earth’s surface where latitude and longitude intersect in integer degrees.


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