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What is the meaning of intelligent in Hindi?

Meaning of intelligent in Hindi is : होशियार

Definition of word intelligent

  • Of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright. (adjective)
  • Well thought-out, well considered. (adjective)
  • Characterized by thoughtful interaction. (adjective)
  • Having the same level of brain power as mankind. (adjective)

Examples of word intelligent

  • "Twice," said I. "Is he intelligent -- _really _intelligent?
  • Replacing God with the term intelligent designer makes no difference as the history of ID shows that this designer is simply God.
  • Guess who was one of the sponsors of HB 4946 which would have added the term intelligent designer or creator to science standards?
  • The problem is that these ‘arguments’ apply equally well to the term intelligent design as it does to the term creationism.
  • Autechre, whose music was codified by the phrase "intelligent dance music," or IDM.


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