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What is the meaning of intense in Hindi?

Meaning of intense in Hindi is : भावुक

Definition of word intense

  • Strained; tightly drawn; kept on the stretch; strict; very close or earnest; as, intense study or application; intense thought. (adjective)
  • Extreme in degree; excessive; immoderate; as: (a) Ardent; fervent; as, intense heat. (b) Keen; biting; as, intense cold. (c) Vehement; earnest; exceedingly strong; as, intense passion or hate. (d) Very severe; violent; as, intense pain or anguish. (e) Deep; strong; brilliant; as, intense color or light. (adjective)

Examples of word intense

    • Gamers experience "urgent optimism," which she describes as the intense desire to achieve something combined with the unwavering belief that anything is possible.
    • She leads viewers so far then abandons them to wander and wonder in areas of what she calls "intense unknowability".
    • They traveled to the DRC last month and are trying to draw attention to what they call the intense suffering of the Congolese people.
    • Some former aides bristled at what they called her intense focus on building her public image.
    • Cee Cee expected Max to recoil, but he pulled Oscar into an easy embrace and just held him, his eyes closed, his expression intense.


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