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What is the meaning of intercommunicate in Hindi?

Meaning of intercommunicate in Hindi is : आपस में पत्रव्यवहार रखना

Definition of word intercommunicate

  • To communicate, one with another (verb)
  • To be interconnected (verb)

Examples of word intercommunicate

    • With EHRs that easily intercommunicate, we can reward better teamwork among providers to re-integrate care despite our fragmented healthcare business model.
    • “The definition of language we use in the Ethnologue places a strong emphasis,” said Dr. Lewis, “on the ability to intercommunicate as the test for splitting or joining.”
    • May 31, 2006, 4: 35 pm cheapest cars to insure says: cheapest cars to insure diatribe dissension gentlest accomplices intercommunicate!
    • On Earth, different Cultures continue to intercommunicate, exchanging our different perspectives on reality, comparing notes.
    • Again something sacred is done in all the sacraments, which belongs to the notion of "Sacrifice"; and the faithful intercommunicate through all the sacraments, which this


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