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What is the meaning of interest in Hindi?

Meaning of interest in Hindi is : हिस्सा

Definition of word interest

  • Attention that is given to or received from someone or something. (noun)
  • A business or amorous link or involvement. (noun)
  • Injury, or compensation for injury; damages. (noun)
  • To attract attention or concern. (verb)

Examples of word interest

  • It has become the interest of the planter to make it for the _interest of the people_ to remain on his estate.
  • It might have been made two or three, or even six times larger, without diminishing from the interest of any one of its pages -- _indeed with an increased interest_ -- but the want of the pecuniary means, and other considerations, have induced me to present it as here seen.
  • "He jocularly observed, on one occasion, to a creditor, who peremptorily required payment of the interest due on a long-standing debt, 'My dear sir, you know it is not my _interest_ to pay the
  • After I wrote this, I realized I should have included a second category: people whose main interest is recreational mayhem rather than political ideology.
  • GOP will have to waite for next 15 years to take control of any house or Presidency, as all hard working American knows that GOP 's main interest is for their own well being not for the average Joe, You all will experiance in next 6 months that Economy will rebound back, Jobs will open up for people and healthcrare reform will be done after that you will see the poll will bounce back.


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