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What is the meaning of intestinal in Hindi?

Meaning of intestinal in Hindi is : आँत संबन्धी

Definition of word intestinal

  • Relating to the intestines. (adjective)

Examples of word intestinal

  • Because all APCs are mobile, and can travel throughout the body (including the intestine), it is plausible that a child immunized with MMR would have measles virus detected in intestinal tissues using a very sensitive assay.
  • Seventy-five of 91 children with autism were found to have measles virus in intestinal biopsy tissue as compared with only five of 70 patients who didn't have autism.
  • For James McConnell and the estimated 3 million other Americans with celiac disease, staying away from gluten is a fact of life if they want to prevent long-term intestinal damage and the myriad digestive discomforts that come with the disease.
  • What I'm trying to say with such a long recount of an incident which took probably less than 10 seconds is this: some of us are born with the ABILITY and WILLINGNESS, call it intestinal fortitude, to deliver harmful force, even lethal force, to others.
  • Nevertheless, These findings suggest that chronic psychological stress can be an initiating factor in intestinal inflammation by impairing mucosal defenses against luminal bacteria ....


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