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What is the meaning of intimate in Hindi?

Meaning of intimate in Hindi is : सूचना देना

Definition of word intimate

  • Closely acquainted; familiar. (adjective)
  • Of or involved in a sexual relationship. (adjective)
  • Personal, private. (adjective)
  • A very close friend. (noun)
  • Women's underwear, sleepwear, or lingerie, especially offered for sale in a store. (noun)
  • To suggest or disclose discreetly. (verb)

Examples of word intimate

  • It's an *intimate* story, not an epic story--so it should be set in an intimate landscape, not a New Zealand-style Middle Earth landscape.
  • And yet, the very fact that these bloggers have a community with which to share the bad things is a measure of the reality that the meaning of the word intimate has been redefined.
  • And yet you seem to support the enablement of racist acts when the exercise of what you characterize as intimate or expressive rights constitutes a racist act.
  • So while a character on "The Big Bang Theory" is allowed to say the word "intimate," the subtitles only showed "int-----."
  • The U.S. Department of Justice does track homicides involving what it calls intimate partners.


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