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What is the meaning of into in Hindi?

Meaning of into in Hindi is : में

Definition of word into

  • Going inside (of) (preposition)
  • Going to a geographic region. (preposition)
  • Against, especially with force or violence. (preposition)
  • Producing, becoming (preposition)
  • Of (when describing duration) (preposition)
  • Intensely interested in or attracted to. (preposition)
  • Taking distinct arguments to distinct values. (preposition)
  • The operation of division, with the denominator expressed first. (preposition)
  • Investigation of a subject. (preposition)

Examples of word into

  • I was panting from the exertion, the call was really more a strained grunting series of messages as we all but ran down the slope……..into the gun smoke…possibly into Hell!
  • They walk *into* the building they want to break into?
  • But he sent Robert there often, into that beautiful summer afternoon when Hank Bauer had leaped so high from the green diamond -- and the ball had _smacked _into his leather glove -- and the crowds went wild!
  • It is generally due to an inflammation of the Fallopian tubes which closes up the openings of the tubes into the womb, so that no more ova can pass _from_ the ovaries _through_ the tubes _into_ the womb.
  • Although inrúpit means 'burst _into_,' the preposition is nevertheless required with the noun to express the place into which he burst.


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