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What is the meaning of intrust in Hindi?

Meaning of intrust in Hindi is : न्यस्त करना

Definition of word intrust

  • Alternative form of entrust. (verb)

Examples of word intrust

  • For, as he [a husband] is to answer for her [his wife's] misbehavior, the law thought it reasonable to intrust him with this power of restraining her, by domestic chastisement, in the same moderation that a man is allowed to correct his apprentices or children; for whom the master or parent is also liable in some cases to answer. 7
  • Might as well intrust your 401k to a system of Iraqi Gangstas!
  • Da oven at myne howse iz tryin tu burn my howse down, so I kannawt leeb an intrust “DUH, men” heer wiffin it.
  • A sublime work exploring the dynamics of thefragile nature of human existence and the vulnerability inherent intrust.
  • I like to know more of you so that i will intrust my hope on you about my late husband wishes,i am a widow surfring from cancer of the lungs as i have U$9,milion U.S.D left at the bank by my late husband i will give you the full dital contact; franka_adams@live.fr


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