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What is the meaning of intrusted in Hindi?

Meaning of intrusted in Hindi is :

Definition of word intrusted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of intrust. Confer entrusted. (verb)

Examples of word intrusted

  • And although the book cannot think for itself, but must merely preserve the idea intrusted to it, without change, it is vastly superior in stability to the brain that gave it birth, so that thousands of years after that brain has mouldered into dust it is capable of reproducing the original ideas in a second brain where they may germinate and bear fruit.
  • By these Constitutions governments were organized, and the Legislatures were intrusted with a general power, to do what they might think the public good required.
  • It is because they are thus selected that wealth aggregates under their hands - both their own and that intrusted to them ...
  • But besides his mere external graces the poodle rendered important service by performing errands intrusted to him.
  • She wrote a note, addressed it to the man in question, and intrusted it to a messenger who lay in wait at the mouth of


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