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What is the meaning of invalidate in Hindi?

Meaning of invalidate in Hindi is : व्यर्थ या निष्प्रभाव कर देना

Definition of word invalidate

  • To make invalid. Esp. applied to contract law. (verb)

Examples of word invalidate

  • FARRELL: I'm afraid I have to say that I think if the west started getting into the game of asking Muslim clerics to issue fatwas then it would put the clerics in a very difficult situation and it would kind of invalidate the fatwa if they did it because they would look like they're doing it at the behest of the west.
  • Flash forward to the present, where Weaver and Quaintance last week filed a request in Superior Court to "invalidate" local governments 'approval of the hotel for federal stimulus funding.
  • But at the same time it would kind of invalidate the whole series 'intent - choosing to demure about the hard, bloody climax doesn't pay proper respect to the costly sacrifices of sexual responsibilism that the books so ennoble.
  • So Physicist Husband is helping to work out the airflow issues, perhaps by installing a small fan or upgrading to a better colander, which would kind of invalidate the point of using stuff we already had around the house.
  • Now it would sure be nice to know when something changes, so if California does sink, Iraq or Canada become the 51 st state, you don't have to watch CNN and ask all your clients to either wait for the cache to update, or "invalidate" the cache.


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