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What is the meaning of invalidated in Hindi?

Meaning of invalidated in Hindi is : अमान्यकृत

Definition of word invalidated

  • something made invalid (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of invalidate. (verb)

Examples of word invalidated

    • Woese called the DI's bluff and yes, you do look exactly like crackpots who claim that Einstein invalidated Newtonian physics.
    • Turns out that the sublet agreement I had with the guy who's room I was staying in invalidated his lease agreement cause I'm not a Kellogg college student.
    • Jim Louderback, who may have been a flashy personality on cable TV but obviously has never been either a lawyer or an engineer, is apparently ignorant of the fact is that the FCC's authority was not "invalidated" - it never had such authority in the first place, and was trying to usurp powers that neither we, the people nor our Congress ever gave it.
    • Recent developments have kind of invalidated it as it turns out that there is no single answer to the question.
    • The FDA also said an agreement it made with Cell Therapeutics that the company's trial would be sufficient for approval was "invalidated" because the trial was stopped early.


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