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What is the meaning of invalided in Hindi?

Meaning of invalided in Hindi is :

Definition of word invalided

  • Simple past tense and past participle of invalid. (verb)

Examples of word invalided

  • We have with us Corporal Ernest Whitfield Jones, decorated for valour in the Somme in 1917, invalided from the trenches in the second gas attack of the First World War, only to return three months later and serve his remaining time on the front lines.
  • Before returning to the Front I got in a day's golf at La Boulie, and also made a train journey to a village the other side of Fontainebleau, where an old friend, invalided from the French army, had settled on a considerable estate, and thought of nothing but the fruits and vegetables and dairy produce he was striving to improve and increase.
  • Since it was a friendly match and Ipswich appeared to be a little short of players, D got to play on their team for a bit, before being "invalided" out with a cut to the leg - though by the speed with which he ran to the medic, and then ran back, it wasn't very serious.
  • At the same time, questions of pay and the availability of young working men (most of whom were in the army, or had been invalided out of it) make it likely that women did most of the work.
  • The brutality saw three British forwards invalided out of the rest of the tour, despite which the Lions won the following week's Test.


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