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What is the meaning of invaliding in Hindi?

Meaning of invaliding in Hindi is :

Definition of word invaliding

  • Present participle of invalid. (verb)

Examples of word invaliding

  • "Let me just say that the vice president and I would never authorize, and would not tolerate, a campaign that aimed specifically at invaliding absentee ballots from members of our armed services," Lieberman said.
  • Now, of this number of men it is not perhaps too much to assume, that more than one-half consists of the noble wreck and remainder of those magnificent armies led to victory by the illustrious Wellington, but certainly not in the colonies, and the present cost of half-pay and invaliding not therefore chargeable to colonial account.
  • The next in seniority was entirely adverse to the invaliding, as, without he could invalide too, he would have to go to the West Indies in the place of our surgeon.
  • The aspirant for invaliding sat himself down again at one end of the table, as the captains did at the other.
  • Each day as he made his appearance at noon in the captain's cabin, he had to wait in miserable state his hour and a half; or two hours, and then to meet the gibing salutation of the captain, of; "Not dead yet, doctor?" with his jokes upon the invaliding suit.


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