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What is the meaning of invalidity in Hindi?

Meaning of invalidity in Hindi is : असमर्थता

Definition of word invalidity

  • The state of being invalid; lack of validity. (noun)

Examples of word invalidity

  • Thirdly, claiming invalidity is not as easy as the Conservatives would have us believe, and implies that the medical profession are just giving sick notes away, willy-nilly.
  • He recommended that Marshoff obtain legal advice about ways to rectify the "invalidity" of her decision in the absence of the committee's advice.
  • A rare "invalidity" this -- a little confusing easy classifications.
  • Thoreau's mark even in the short later period of "invalidity" was complete and robust independence and triumph over it -- a thing which I have no doubt wholly captivated
  • However, she said that if the patent office "did not have all the material facts before it," its decision to award a patent "may lose significant force," and it could be easier to persuade a jury of a patent's invalidity by clear and convincing evidence.


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