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What is the meaning of invalids in Hindi?

Meaning of invalids in Hindi is :

Definition of word invalids

  • Plural form of invalid. (noun)

Examples of word invalids

  • Patricia Berne: It's a play on words of course, referring to the fact that people with disabilities have been called invalids pronounced in-VUH-lid.
  • Three or four days passed away; the invalids were all well again; the usual habits of the house were resumed, various guests arrived, and
  • Among the invalids was the daughter of this duke; she was not only suffering from the same complaint, but she was so like
  • I then called for my medicine-chest, and having weighed several three-grain doses of tartar emetic, I called the invalids, and insisted upon their taking the medicine before they started, or they might become seriously ill upon the road, which for three days 'march was uninhabited.
  • As you say, there are very few 'invalids' who are too badly disabled to work.


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