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What is the meaning of invaluable in Hindi?

Meaning of invaluable in Hindi is : बहुमूल्य

Definition of word invaluable

  • Of great value; costly, precious, priceless. (adjective)
    महान मूल्य का; महंगा, कीमती, अमूल्य।

Examples of word invaluable

  • PRIME MINISTER and has been very busy demanding what he calls our invaluable suffrages buttonholed me the other day outside the tripe shop and commenced to tell me all the wonderful things that we dogs would get if we only elected a strong Coalition Government -- better biscuits, larger kennels, equal rabbits for all and I don't know what else.
  • The former were very profuse in their compliments and thanks for what they termed our invaluable assistance; having tendered which they manifested a disposition to resume their former status on board.
  • Attendees will learn about the latest issues facing the baby boomer market and gain invaluable insights by connecting with a broad spectrum of experts who have unique perspectives on the baby boomer generation.
  • The entries often contain invaluable information concerning daily events, dates of composition, publication appearances and log entries from Jack and Charmian's various voyages.
  • Several of Mark Twain’s books are bound to survive, because they contain invaluable social history.
  • And Tib rises out of that little domestic struggle, covered with glory and crowned with respect; her price so infinitely beyond rubies, that "invaluable" is the only term that can be applied to her; and accordingly Dr. McNab, Mr. Malcolm, and the poor little suffering feverish Dagon himself, unanimously agree that she is invaluable; and the slight rustle of her voluminous silk gown, as she moves across the room to fetch the bottle of colchicum, with the soft slow heavy tread of the elephant, is music to her Dagon's ears.
  • You know, you have to understand that even the IG pointed out, these are tools that have been described as invaluable in the war on terror.
  • And it just -- the people gave me something that I find invaluable, which is hope and love and joy.
  • On an occasion like this it is natural also to recall the invaluable interest you have shown in Swedish literature, a token of friendship which, in turn, has found a response in the desire of our Swedish writers to translate your work.