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What is the meaning of inveigh in Hindi?

Meaning of inveigh in Hindi is : निन्दा करना

Definition of word inveigh

Examples of word inveigh

  • It would be hard for politicians to inveigh against rate increases approved by their own proxies on the board.
  • Big government, the devil that Republicans love to inveigh against, is big precisely because it is so active in so many costly ways in serving the interests of our biggest corporations.
  • Log onto ATR's MySpace page, and your ears will be assaulted by a raw, angry sound, and lyrics that scream that "Deutschland Must Die" and inveigh against "too much government control" — in Germany.
  • With this grand insight into the inner workings of oppression, our educational theorists inveigh against “standard English” and counsel respect for “alternative dialects.”
  • Hitchens continued that trend by using his mighty pen to inveigh against any political regime whom he perceived to trample on the innocent.


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