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What is the meaning of inventor in Hindi?

Meaning of inventor in Hindi is : वह जो नी बात सोच कर निकाले

Definition of word inventor

  • One who invents, either as a hobby or as an occupation. (noun)

Examples of word inventor

  • The first language suggested by the authors of this legislation left out "inventors" altogether, but once this blatant attack became clear, the authors added the word "inventor" to "First Inventor to File" in order to confuse anyone not closely following this bill.
  • Cool detail: the inventor is a regular at rec. music.makers.piano, and posted there while working on the design.
  • Tell me what you think of when you read the word inventor.
  • If an inventor is unable to sell his idea without assistance from the State, offhand I would simply consider him a poor businessman, unless Zeus or Keynes was holding him back.
  • In patent, the classic notion of the inventor is yielding to the inventor/operator/user amalgamation represented by the patent pool.
  • They deserve consideration. (the inventor is in Australia; he came out to one of the industry confabs held in Napa recently).
  • Garrett Augustus Morgan (1877-1963) This African-American inventor is responsible for saving thousands, if not millions of lives.