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What is the meaning of invigorating in Hindi?

Meaning of invigorating in Hindi is : स्फूर्तिदायक

Definition of word invigorating

  • Present participle of invigorate. (verb)
  • Giving strength, energy and vitality. (adjective)

Examples of word invigorating

  • Mr. Metcalfe found the title invigorating and was soon in negotiation with the brewery for a change of name at the Brakehurst Arms. It is true that Boggett still speaks of it as “the Brakehurst,” but the new name is plainly lettered for all to read: The Metcalfe Arms. And so Mr. Hargood-Hood passed out of the history of Much Malcock.
  • Cons: The smell of the product is invigorating, which is the last thing you want when you're trying to sleep.
  • While some predicted another syndicated talk show, WLS-Channel 7 President Emily Barr told Vocalo. org columnist Robert Feder that the station has more "invigorating" plans in store.
  • If you're going to talk about "invigorating" voters, this must be kept in mind as well.
  • FARZAD: I'm not so optimistic on this because the point of -- inflection point is when the banks feel the kind of invigorating part of the opportunity of loaning money and making a killing on the upside, out ways downside of making more stupid loans.


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