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What is the meaning of invitees in Hindi?

Meaning of invitees in Hindi is :

Definition of word invitees

  • Plural form of invitee. (noun)

Examples of word invitees

  • We are now back on the street, once again with music, dance, fireworks, and upwards of 300 in the procession, having picked up invitees from the last two stops, and undoubtedly others along the way.
  • Additionally, the quality of the pitch material by the invitees is pretty good.
  • His appearance should be cancelled, unless the invitees are all criminals too.
  • It is disturbing enough that you have a conference whose invitees are being told to keep all notes and information on the meeting out of the electronic world, and that the invitees are also being asked to book their hotel reservations through Wichita-based Koch Industries and not the hotel itself.
  • Organizing for the event is in its early stages -- that much is clear from the convention's Web site, which includes a host of big-name invitees (think Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann) but only a few confirmed participants.


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