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What is the meaning of invites in Hindi?

Meaning of invites in Hindi is :

Definition of word invites

  • Plural form of invite. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of invite. (verb)

Examples of word invites

    • He points out that the inadequacy of the term invites rejoinders such as "You'll pull out of it" or "We all have bad days," which belittles the depth of the illness and doesn't begin to define the existential horrors that thoroughly debilitate persons suffering from the disease.
    • Commission officials also said the label invites consumers to become song lyric nutritionists by helping them identify positive and negative messages about relationships in songs.
    • An elegant stylist with a light touch, Mueenuddin invites the reader to a richly human, wondrous experience.
    • Mr. Braunstein invites readers who believe they have been "murfed" (refused the price match in compliance with BBs written policy) or have inquiries regarding the class action, to contact him by email or phone.
    • I still feel that Palin invites jokes about her and her family becasue she from the beginning, has made no effort to keep them out of her driving ambitions.


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